The DPL organizes 2-3 workshops every year, usually during open week, exploring a specific design agenda based around one or a combination of the technologies available at the DPL(3d scanning, CNC milling, 3dprinting, laser-cutting, robotic fabrication) Each workshop consists of 3-4 days of intense software and machine tutorials in order to develop a final working prototype to be presented at the end. Guest tutors may sometimes join DPL team in order to provide a new insight around digital fabrication technologies.

All DPL workshops are free to join, materials are provided by the DPL.


DPL workshops usually take place during Open Week. Keep an eye out for posters around School and visit the DPL website.

How can I attend?

To sign in visit the lab anytime between Monday to Friday form 10am to 6pm. Places are limited with a first come first serve policy.

Previous Workshops

The Self-Replicating Machine (3D –printing)

During 3 days in Open Week 2014 students from diff¬erent programs across the AA gathered at the DPL for an intense workshop on 3D printing technologies. Based on RepRaps Prusa model, five 3D printer machines where built entirely from scratch. The workshop included a brief history of 3D printing, an introduction to Arduino controlled electronics, specialized slicing software (Slic3r), interface control (Ponterface) and 3D printing basics. Parts where printed in the DPL using similar FFF printing technology over a span of 2 weeks, while the framework was lasercut in Perspex during the workshop. It was the intention of this workshop that students realize the potential of 3D printing technologies and the availability of open source DIY components which can be easily modified to replicate new machines or new design tools.